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DWI Out of State


 I have helped hundreds of people across the United States and Canada clear their North Carolina DWI. You will not have to return to North Carolina. I work closely with local attorneys and the North Carolina court system. I will be more than happy to help you with removing the stop from your license and returning life back to normal. I know that this can be very stressful and I will do everything I can to get you through this process. Please call our office at 252-473-4727 to get the process started.

In order to help your with your case I will need:

  •    Copy of the ticket

  •    BAC report

  •    A copy of your driving records from any state you have been licensed in, as well as your North         Carolina driving record

Even if you have never had a North Carolina drivers license you will have a driving record, as you have been charged with a DWI. I will need a copy of your record which can be obtained with this form. DPPA-1-Front-July-2020 (   After you complete the form, mail it directly to the NC DMV.

Other Driving records can be obtained from the State DMV where you were licensed.

Per the North Carolina DWI Services website:

If you live outside of North Carolina and:

  • Have been convicted of a DWI (Driving While Impaired) in North Carolina, or

  • Have been convicted of driving while less than 21 years old after consuming alcohol or other drugs in North Carolina,

In order to get your license back, you must complete a substance abuse assessment, and recommended education or treatment. If you complete a substance abuse assessment and the required substance abuse education or treatment outside of North Carolina, you must choose a North Carolina DWI services provider to review and approve it. So that you will be clear as to what North Carolina’s requirements are, it is best to contact a North Carolina provider before you begin your services. North Carolina will not accept a recommendation of no classes needed.

The authorized North Carolina DWI provider will complete the review, process the information, and complete a Certificate of Completion (e-508 form) in order to resolve the outstanding DWI offense on your North Carolina record. You should receive a copy of the Certificate of Completion from the provider to keep for your records.

Please call me for more information and I will send you an Out-of State Review Packet.


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